We provide specialized analytical support services, subject matter expertise, innovative technologies and technical solutions to a wide array of military, DoD, U.S. government, law enforcement, or private-sector customers. We have decades of experience providing this support in a broad range of conflict zones overseas as well as at U.S.-based locations.

Whether you are working at the federal, state, or local law enforcement level, focused on countering criminal networks, or conducting DoD direct action, counter-terrorism missions around the globe, Firebird AST delivers the intelligence, operations subject matter expertise, and innovative solutions on the ground where you need them to ensure mission success.

Defense Intelligence Solutions

Our analysts are subject matter experts who are highly experienced in working side-by-side in the field, fully integrated, and directly with today’s elite special operations and conventional force units. We have supported national intelligence agencies in developing solutions for international challenges. We deliver a wide range of highly specialized analytical services to support missions at the operational, tactical, or strategic level.

  • Special Operations and Conventional Force Support 
  • Real-Time Operational/Target Development Support 
  • Collection Management 
  • Social Media Exploitation and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analysis 
  • Actionable, Fused, All Source Intelligence Analysis
  • Expert Training and Mentoring
  • Identity Resolution (Biometrics- BEI, Forensics- FEI)
  • Counter IED (CIED) Analysis and Initiatives
  • Counter Threat Finance Analysis

Homeland & Law Enforcement Mission Support

While a majority of today’s headlines are focused on conflicts overseas, Firebird AST is also keenly focused on current and emerging threats here at home. U.S. law enforcement is faced with countering the ever increasing level of threat posed by organized criminal and terrorist networks operating at the local, regional, and national level. We support their mission to counter these networks by employing customized or equivalent methodologies and toolsets used to support the global counter-terrorism mission. This, combined with our understanding of the rule of law/evidentiary chain of custody, allows Firebird AST to deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective, impactful solutions to law enforcement customers at the federal, state, and local level:

  • Seizure, forfeiture, and repatriation of assets/proceeds/property illegally acquired by criminal elements/networks
  • Forensic financial investigations
  • Counter threat finance
  • Investigation, detection, disruption, mitigation, and interdiction of criminal elements/networks engaging in financial crimes, money laundering, or attacks on financial and critical elements/networks
  • Countering threat networks involved in terrorism, organized crime, drugs/narcotics, and human trafficking
  • Critical infrastructure protection (CIP)
  • Identity resolution (Biometrics- BEI, Forensics- FEI)
  • Social media exploitation and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis

Specialized Technology Solutions & Training

Firebird AST operates daily on the cutting edge of technological development related to intelligence analysis tools and methods. Our decades of experience in multiple industries (DoD, law enforcement, and the private sector) provide us with a clear understanding of what integrators and end-users of crucial information need, what they need to know, and what they may not have even thought to investigate. We have worked in support of multiple agencies assisting in the design and development of next generation technical and analytical solutions. If you want to rapidly gather, develop, analyze, integrate, fuse, and federate the most critical information, we have the experience, perspective, and solutions you need:

  • Systems engineering and integration
  • Software/tools development, fielding, and training
  • Social media exploitation and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis
  • Knowledge management and collaboration maximization 
  • Requirements development 
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence